When Are Games Played?
Typically games are held on Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday at varying times. How many games played is subject to how many you win, but typically at least three games per weekend.

How Long Is The Season?
Travel basketball is year-round, and typically the heaviest game schedule is February through August. The Blaze season typically runs from March through July. Blaze teams compete in multiple sanctioned organizations, including but not limited to AAU, USBA, YBOA, and USSSA.

Where can I follow and get information on Birmingham Blaze?
All data not found on this website can be found by following or checking our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Updates on scores, tryout dates, game times….everything is posted on social media in a timely fashion in most cases. If something you need to be answered is not available on this site or on social media, please send an email to the program through the Contact page.

How Many Games In A Season?
It all depends on how many you win in a specific weekend tournament. Our teams play different schedules but guarantee a minimum of eight (8) tournaments per year over a period of 4 months. Since the guarantee is usually a minimum of 3 games per tournament, there will at least be 24 games.

Where Does Blaze Practice?
In the City of Midfield and surrounding areas.

Are There Any Additional Costs?
There will be additional costs for out-of-town games and hotel fees.  Each parent must provide their children with money for food.

Where Are Most Of The Games Played?
This will be at the discretion of the coaches.